The Gendron family has made pure Vermont maple syrup since 1918.

Let your friends and neighbors try a taste of Vermont and they will agree as well…The World’s Best!

We have several gift sets and maple product groupings that are perfect for gifts or your own sampling. We are also happy to make a custom gift of Vermont maple products to your specifications. If you love our maple syrup, try some maple drops, maple candy, maple cream, maple sugar, and/or pancake mix.

We offer4 “nips,” one of each grade, so you can try them all and see which one you like best. Let your friends and neighbors try it and compare our syrup with other brands out there.

Visitors are always welcome to the farm. Call us about tours or stop by.

Checking the Maple Sap Lines

  • Vangie - North Carolina

    "When I opened the gallon jug, it was filled to the brim and there was a little foamy residue at the top so I HAD to lift it off with my finger, and where else to put it but into my salivating mouth."

  • George - California

    "You make a fine maple syrup,far surpasses the others out there."

  • Tonya - Kentucky

    "I love your products! I have an allergy to processed sugars. I use your maple syrup and maple sugar for many things. I make ice cream with the syrup and it always gets compliments."

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Maple Syrup Plastic Glass Jugs